Saturday, 20 April 2019


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Finding ourselves with a 'spare' Middlewich Diary Quiz we've decided to brighten up your Good Friday evening at the Boar's Head, and raise some money for the British Heart Foundation. 

We're pleased to welcome on board Eddie Bath, bingo caller extraordinaire, who we met during our short-lived sojourn at the King's Lock earlier this year and who offered his services, as he always does, free of charge. 

In fact Eddie's always on hand to provide his expertise in aid of a good cause.

UPDATE (13th APRIL 2019)

The rounds for the quiz this time around will be:

1) Easter. What do you know about Easter, its traditions and its history? Come to that, what do we know? Seven questions about Easter, plus three of Mr Roberts' favourite 'Call My Bluff' questions.

2) Mystery Voices. Taken from adverts and TV shows over the years. Who are all these people?

3) The Music Round. Tons of tunes from the last sixty years, with a little bit of Easter frivolity thrown in. Nine tracks which were Easter number ones from the 1950s until the 2010s, plus one song that can't not be played at any Easter quiz.

4) Dead Or Alive. An old favourite. Are these people dead or alive? We're not talking about the Boar's Head regulars, but these famous people from all walks of life.

5) The picture round. Celebrities at Easter. Who's this lot then...…?

Update (20th April 2019):

The results

(scores are out of a possible 50 points)

'Just The Two Of Us' (32)
'Kid Free!' (33)
'Mary and Me' (34)
'The Two Js' (35)

The winners: MOORES MATES (42)

Just some of the prizes on offer, donated by Mrs Lynne Hardy.
Other prizes of bottles of wine were donated by The Boar's Head and Mrs Linda Boden

The quiz raised £50 for the British Heart Foundation
Many thanks for individual donations from John Boden and Danny Smith

Thanks also to Eddie for his bingo expertise, and Mary for ensuring that the Bingo (and the quiz) ran so smoothly. To Liz and Pat McGuinness and their staff for hosting the quiz at the Boar's Head, with especial thanks to Martin Dickinson. 

Here's the picture round, preserved for posterity. Two teams got them all right! See how you do! (answers below)

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019


This shot shows one of several dance teams taking part in the 1973 carnival procession and crossing Newton Heath. We've seen in a previous posting that the procession started at the Big Lock and so must have traversed Finney's Lane, Croxton Lane, Chester Road, Newton Bank and Newton Heath. It then turned down Darlington Street, turned right into Wheelock Street and from there onto St Michael's Way, Leadsmithy Street and Lewin Street before branching off at The British Legion and making its way to the Carnival site at the Manor Estate at the top end of Sutton Lane. A very long trek indeed.

Notice, in the background, the open space on Newton Heath where 'Digger' Don Niblett would, in later years, build a brand new home and, famously, a short time afterwards, try to demolish it.

Long before the FAB Festival - before, even, the original Folk & Boat Festival, there was the Middlewich Carnival which, in its last incarnation, overlapping the 'Folk & Boat' for a couple of years, was organised and run by the Round Table. 

Middlewich Carnival was legendary. Small town life at its very best, with a pleasing home-made, make-do-and-mend air about it which carried over into the early years of the Folk & Boat Festival but, sadly, has now mostly evaporated.

Facebook Feedback:

Bernice Walmsley Fascinating - do tell more about 'Digger'

Dave Roberts The facts in the case are simple: Don built a luxury home on Newton Heath (it's still there) and, after a row with his wife, borrowed a digger from work with the intention of knocking the house down. He did a small amount of damage to one corner (where, by coincidence, some of my collection of disco records had been left after a party) and got himself in the national newspapers.

Bernice Walmsley Thanks Dave - your Middlewich Diary is the only thing that I get distracted by when I'm busy so, thanks...

Geraldine Williams It was certainly the talk of the town.......! Wasn't the deed done late at night?

Gives lie to the saying 'there's no fury like a woman scorned....'! He he!

Dorothy Kelly-Hughes I'd forgotten all about that incident Dave!

First published 8th September 2011

Amended, re-formatted and re-published 10th April 2019