Thursday, 21 July 2011



  1. Hello there,

    Can you please help me.

    Network Rail sent Regency Walk residents a letter about ‘Vegetation Management Works’ due to be carried out on the Middlewich section of the line to the rear of our house from Monday 4th February to Friday 8th February 2013.

    The letter states that Network Rail require the removal and cutting back of general vegetation and trees for safety reasons and including keeping signals clear and providing their staff a safe place to stand when trains pass.

    Obviously, I completely understand the need for safety of their staff and of keeping signals clear, but we can honestly say we cannot see any reason why any trees need to felled other than some maybe requiring a good pruning close to the Holmes Chapel Road bridge.

    There is a new housing development the opposite side of the track with access from Holmes Chapel Road and Jersey Way, for which a very large yellow pipe (at least 2ft diameter) has been sat only metres away from the track the past few of months waiting to be dug into the ground and buried. A service pipe for the new houses.

    Work has already started clearing the ground vegetation and branches from bushes etc, all of which are well away from the track and are further up the embankment – of no danger to anyone and well away from the track.!
    I think it is quite clear that the work is actually for the pipe and not for safety reasons.

    I was very upset only receiving the letter from Network Rail, and I can honestly say it has kept me awake at night. The thought of any of the trees opposite and much of the vegetation being removed I found very upsetting.

    The reason for being upset is, we have a lot of wildlife living and using the trees and vegetation opposite, everything from Black birds, Great Tits, Blue tits, Green Finches, Thrushes, Collared Coves, Pigeon Doves, Squirrels, Field mice, etc, and we get Buzzards coming down occasionally as well.

    Not only is the waste land opposite now being built on (an area which was fantastic for local wildlife), but they are now wanting to cut down some of the trees, trees which I feel are of a great importance to the wildlife we still have in the area.

    We have lived on Regency Walk for over 7 years and have always encouraged birds into our garden. We have numerous feeders and bird boxes in the garden and see just how much the birds rely on the trees and vegetation opposite for safety, nesting and feeding.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly what trees they are planning on cutting down, but I have already contacted Network Rail about this matter.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Thanks for your comment. As far as I know NR only cut back vegetation which is likely to interfere with the sighting of signals, lineside signs etc and trees which are likely to shed leaves onto the tracks during the leaf fall season (no joke, by the way - lighter trains and fewer freight trains - which used to clear many of the leaves away - mean this is a real problem every year. But I can see no reason why trees well away from the track should be removed.I'll bring this up at MRLC's meeting (29th January)and see if anyone has any information on this issue.


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