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These questions on the Canals of Middlewich originally formed part of the Middlewich Diary Festival Quiz held at the Boar's Head on the 14th June, where £70 was raised for the Canal & River Trust's Middlewich Appeal..

How well do you know our local waterways?


1: Middlewich is an important canal junction and it could have been even more important if an 1838 plan had come to fruition. Proposals were published in that year for a canal heading East from Middlewich with a junction on the Trent & Mersey directly opposite the entrance to the Wardle Canal.
Which town would this canal have linked Middlewich with?

2: The Wardle Canal, which links the Trent & Mersey to the SUC Middlewich branch is considered to be the shortest canal in the country. How long is it?

A: 154ft (47metres) B: 50ft (15.4 metres) C: 203ft (61.87 metres)

3: What's the name of the lock on the Trent & Mersey in Booth lane opposite the former Kinderton Arms pub (now a Thai restaurant)?

4: In Brooks Lane in Middlewich, just where the T&M canal turns through 90 degrees to drop down into the town there used to be a short spur off the main canal which was used to load salt from the former Seddon's Works onto boats via a short tramway. This short section of canal was later adapted for another use. What has it been more recently used as?

5: The original question featured a sound clip originally used in the Tales Of Wych & Water CD we produced for Middlewich Town Council in 2009. This well-known lady lived for many years at Wardle Lock Cottage and was well know both in Middlewich and on the canal network. Can you name this wonderful waterways character?

6: Repairs are about to begin on the breach in the Middlewich Branch Canal near Nantwich Road. An access road has been built from the site to a local road in order to bring in the necessary equipment. What's the name of the road in question?

7: When the breach occurred in March this year one of our local rivers, usually very much unregarded became briefly famous. What's the name of that river?

8: There are actually three aqueducts in Middlewich – the well-known one in Nantwich Road, the one over that unregarded local River which DIDN'T collapse in March. And...where is the third one?

9: In what year was the original Middlewich Town Bridge replaced by the present structure?

A) 1911 B) 1931 C) 1951

10: In 1967 the biggest ever manhunt (at that time) to find the killer of local solicitor Bertie Wilkinson was started. His body was found in a shallow grave adjacent to the Trent & Mersey Canal just North of Middlewich. What's the name of the area where he was found?

The answers can be found here:


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