Sunday, 10 July 2011


Once again we find ourselves in Pepper Street in 1969 with a picture which should help to make the layout of things clearer.
(The white 'flashes' to the left, by the way, are caused by damage to the original Kodachrome film, illustrating all too clearly why we need to preserve this collection wiihout delay). The houses to the left are what now makes up modern-day Pepper Street and Sherry's house is among them. For the first time, at the end of the row, we can see the side wall of Seddon's office building. On the right of the picture is the end of the row of cottages which have been replaced by our famous 'grass verge'. What's the building to the left of them with the tall, central chimney, just above the Robin Reliant?

This photo was first published on Facebook on 26th April 2011. The original Facebook feedback is below:

  • Geraldine Williams Oh yes! that side wall of the Seddon's offices was the perfect place to hone one's twosie, or even threesie, tennis ball skills! Not sure about the other building. Some demolition had obviously taken place where the chain-link fencing stands (and the forlorn figure sits!) so it's a bit out of context for my recollection.
    26 April at 15:49 · 

  • Dave Roberts I've been waiting for someone to tell me it's not a Robin, but a Regal Supervan or something.
    26 April at 17:33 · 

  • Colin Derek Appleton is that building the pub that was called the Lord Hood ?
    27 April at 14:26 · 

  • Geraldine Williams Yes, according to Google.
    27 April at 17:53 · 

  • Colin Derek Appleton cool !!! cant take all the credit though, my dad told me the locations of all the vanished pubs when i was a boy !!
    27 April at 19:04 · 

  • Dave Roberts Excellent stuff! There's something else I didn't know.
    27 April at 19:59 · 

  • Geraldine Williams I understand that the pubs near the saltworks used to open at 5.00am to enable nightshift workers to re-hydrate after working on the open pans.
    27 April at 20:58 · 

  • Colin Derek Appleton Thats very possible, my Grandfather worked on the pans in the pepper st works as well as working for Seddon on his fleet of boats
    28 April at 12:51 · 

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